January 26th, 2016

Freetom All Natural

Reposting because this is still for sale. It is a freetom all natural 4n1 with paint plus. Originally $420 looking for $350 but the price is negotiable.

Also willing to trade for reelmagik,emisil,sinthetics, or EC.

Can be contacted at toysfortransmen@gmail.com or through here.

Paypal ONLY.

EZP for sale or trade

Message me if interested. I bought a brown (C006) EZP about two weeks ago and I'm looking to get rid of it. I paid $231 Considering it is brand new and only use a couple if times, I'm selling it for $200 or a fair trade PM me your email address if interested. I'm open to negotiation!

Binders for sale

Binders for sale scroll down for prices. Cleaning out all I ever bought.
Will do trades for 2xl Gc2b Binder, large packers, large stp, large pack and play, certain packing boxers.
Prefer paypal but am open to other options.

Top to Bottom pics
XS Gray GC2B- $27
3XL Underworks- $27
2XL Underworks- $27
Xl Underworks- $27
Black asian XL and White strapless Xl- $17 each
Blue XL- $22
Both black and white XL- $10 each plus shipping or $20 flat if you buy both
Willing to do trades and use other options besides paypal.
Contact me by email- batmansnewsidekick@gmail.com