October 19th, 2015

Low cost basic stp

Okay I've posted about these before, everyone interested in these even if you've messaged me before, I need everyone interested to shoot me an email so I can get a head count. My email is myfriendscallmecody@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from people. And if you guys happen to already have a basic packer such as mr limpy, sailor, pack it, anything like that. I can use your existing packer which would cut the cost even more for you guys.

Colored* ReelMagik Basic Packer for sale/trade.

I have a ReelMagik Basic Packer for sale/trade, it was originally the lightest color, but it's been colored for more realism and is notably darker. It should work fine for most medium skinned POC. It could probably even work for a tan white person. It has a small tear where the sack and shaft meet, but it's not noticable and hasn't gotten worse even with rough handling.

I'll sell it for $40 which includes shipping. I'll accept a Pierre, lighter ReelMagik Basic packer, or various other uncut prosthetics.

*I mean colored as in I used hair dye to give it more realistic coloring, not the outdated racial term. :p

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Packing Strap for Larger Men

I am in the market to buy a packing strap that is appropriate for larger men.  I havea 46" waist and weigh in the mid 200's.  I need something comfortable that I can wear both day and night--not something so tight I have to take it off after an hour or so of packing because it's strangling me! lol  If anyone has one of these for sell, please message me!  Packing underwear would be fine, too, as long as it doesn't cost a fortune!