October 17th, 2015


Hello (:
I'm looking to sell or trade a Model D STP with sling shot harness, a 6.5 inch Gen3 Peecock with rod and gear/safe condoms, and a Medium Underworks binder.
I'm looking to get a 4in1, Perferably one from FreeToM 5.5+ inches. Will trade multiple if prosthetic has paint plus upgrade.
Free shipping on all
Contact me at callmelukeoliver@gmail.com


Hey, I'm reposting this since I've been on the search for a while now and people might not see the post. I have a FreeToM 4n1 Sleek(Caucasian), Freetom Buddy packer(Caucasian), EC 2n1 4"(balls hollowed out), and two Small Underworks Tank Top Binder. I'm looking for a larger prosthetic, so please message me if interested.