September 27th, 2015

  • dueits

Reelmagik 6" prosthetic Sale


I recently purchased a reelmagik 6" prosthetic.
Bought it for $829 USD +human hair($50) +tax +shipping.
Hoping to get back some money.

Advanced detail upgrade
Customized colour (M13 and M14 mix)
Hand punched human hair upgrade (black hair)

Reason for selling:
It didn't up being my colour. I typed it in wrong and was too late for it to change.

Hasn't really been used on me (no sexual contact/been between pants and underwear pocket) It was mainly used as a packer. So far has been sitting in my closet because I got the 8" one which was suited to my colour.
If bought, it will be wash thoroughly and sanitized properly with a machine.

Transaction will be made through paypal.

Please e-mail me if you have an inquiries about it or an offer. (I don't respond on here)