September 16th, 2015

kiss v.1

Update: 1 packer for sale, assorted binders and compression shirts

UPDATE: As of 23/09/2015 the ReelMagik packer is sold, the tri-top medium has sold, and the hip-length medium underworks binder has sold. I'm changing the price of the Mr. Right to be $30 since I saw it is retailing at $45-50 these days and it doesn't seem right for me to ask for the same cost.

The binders and compression shirts still available are going for $10-ish, but I also recognize that people are strapped for cash so I am willing to negotiate lower as long as you're able to cover the cost of shipping. Let me know!

ORIGINAL POST: Hey, guys. I have two packers that I'm looking to sell -- both caucasian in color. Both are premium grade silicone and so can be boiled to sterilize. One is a Mr. Right 5" and it is in excellent condition; I got it for $70 back when it first came out, but I'd probably sell it for $45 now. The second one is a ReelMagik basic packer -- I got this for $80 something but it began to tear at the spot where the phallus meets the testicles, so I would sell it for like $35-40. I'll post pictures below the cut so you can see for yourself what the damage looks like and decide if it's something you'd be comfortable with.

Please message me on LJ, or at

I also have three or four compression shirts (size small) in excellent condition that I'd be happy to sell for $10 each, and one underworks tritop binder in small and another in medium, both of which I'd sell for $12-15. They are not pictured below, but I have pics available upon request.

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