September 15th, 2015

Men's Clothes

Most shirts are men's large and medium.
The pants are large and the jeans are 34/30.

Shirts $2
Or 4 for $7
Pants $6
Hoodies $8
Binder $10
Hats $7

I want to save as much as I can for my surgery, but if prices are too high for you, let me know and I can lower prices or donate something.

Blue/Grey/Black Striped Shirt
Teal/Grey Shirt
Red Dr Who Shirt
Grey "Don't Rush Me" shirt
Black Dr Who shirt
Dark Grey "Rooke" shirt
Grey Button down
Red Superman shirt
Plain grey crew neck
Plain blue shirt
Blue Score Win Repeat shirt
Grey and Red hat
Blue boyfriend material shirt
White binder
Red Alabama hoodie
Red blue and white flannel
Black Everlast hoodie