September 14th, 2015

EC and FreeTom STPs and Packers for Sale/Trades

So I have a couple things for Sale and Trade.

- $35 + Shipping - 1 EC Prosthetics 4" STP in Latino: [Link] - SOLD

- $30 + Shipping - 1 Caucasian Buddy Converted to STP: [Link] *Painted with make up, will need to be touched up. No Frenulum.

- $25 + Shipping - 1 Buddy Packer: [Link] *Has paint plus. Slight tear isn't noticable when not pulled back, and won't get worse with care. Has a shiny appearance from silicone peeling that can be largely reduced with dusting. Can convert to an STP for an additional $10.

Will also take trades, and I can give extra money to compensate to unequal value.