July 21st, 2015

Packers for sale (BOTH SOLD)

I'm from the US and I have a Mr. Limpy (cyberskin) x-small caramel color and a pack n' play (silicone) 5 inch for sale I think in beige or vanilla. Only used about once or twice, never for sex, I couldn't pack properly with them. Since I bought both packers for $30 with shipping, I'll sell the Mr. Limpy for $7 and the pack n' play for $12 just pay for shipping. Send through Paypal.

Looking To Invest In an STP Packer

I have been doing research after research for stps longer than you could imagine. I am looking to buy a new or used STP packer with or without the play feature. (Also good harnesses if applicable.) If any of you have any for sale that you would recommend that you have had a good experience with, or recommend to me in general that I could even purchase from the product's main site, I would be so thankful for an email which is listed below. I have heard mixed reviews of about everything that's out there and I feel it's only confusing my opinion even more. I don't want to invest in something that has no positive aspect. I would much appreciate an honest review because I need help in this field in which I have not many resources to contact or look into to get an opinion.
Just to get this out there, I'm a little bit of a bigger guy and I feel that may effect the products some. Testosterone has not effected my thighs much yet. cx
My waist size is about a 36-38 if that helps you out any.
My email is et2484@gmail.com
Please feel free to contact me with any feedback of any sort. I'd love to hear from you.
Thank you for your time.