March 30th, 2015

Packer, STP, Prosthetic, and Peecock For Sale

I have a 5.5 Peecock gen2 for sale with xs harness, pleasure set, and erection rod. It has mild damage but it is still 100% functional for $100

My prosthetic pack'n' play is large about 5.5-6 inch. Asking $60 for it. Never used.

The STP is very similar to a Peecock except it does not have an erection rod/pleasure kit. I think it could be used for sex though. I have a 28" harness I could sell with it or separately. $30 w/out, $40 with harness. Never used.

The packer I have for sale a masho. It is perfect for smaller guys, doesn't stick out like Mr. Limpy and is very life like.

Email me at for more pics/info.
Pictures under the cut.
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