March 15th, 2015

Looking for a Reelmagik 4.5 prosthetic (europe)

Hello, I want to buy a 4.5" ReelMagik prosthetic preferably without a flexrod.
I have purchased a 6" from them before, but it's too monstrous to pack with (lol).

I live in europe so it would be very convenient if the seller would live in europe too.

I am a serious buyer, if you have one for sale please mail me some pictures and we can discuss the price.
My e-mail is

5.5in Peecock + pleasure kit + harness

Selling a gently used 5.5 gen2 peecock. It has a small tear at the tip but doesn't it's use. The peecock has not been used and is clean. Also included is the erection rod and the pleasure kit, as well as small harness (24-28 inches I think). I'm looking for about 100 for it.
If you are outside of the US message me here
If you are in the US text me 941-539-0949

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