April 17th, 2014

in despirate need of packer,binder and clothes

Hi everyone my names AJ im ftm. im in despirate need of a packer or stp and binder. Ive been looking for one for almost a year and no luck I cant afford one because im unable to work due to being to young and having a income from my dad but all that goes towards bills. if you have a binder or packer or stp your willing to part with that would be very helpful and id be eternally grateful. im also looking for some male clothes underclothes and shoes because all my stuff is starting to get to worn out to wear if anyone can help id be very thankful p.s im a very good artist so If you want me to draw you something I could do that and I wear size large binder size medium to large in male shirts 16 in womens pants and a 7.5-9 in mens shoes I wear an xl or L in hoodies and M-L in boxer briefs contact me a zeldarawkz14@gmail.com

A Few Things For Sale

Hey guys, you may know me as NocturneVulgaire on Tumblr or Nowhereboi on Susan's. I'm looking to sell a few things that I've had lying around for a while.

First, a brand new, never used Sinthetics 6" Single Density Packer in Toffee (the color match is off for me and there are some seam lines)

$150 + shipping (I paid $175) Sold for $100

A brand-new, never used Squirt the Realistic hard packer in vanilla (I bought it to check out the "realistic testicles," but it was far too light in the end)
$25 + shipping (I paid $40)

A Mr. Right Packer in Caramel (a few years old but worn only a handful of times; it was too firm for me)
$ 35 + shipping (I paid $50)

There is a little leeway in this pricing, but I am looking to make at least enough to go toward an Emisil prothetic. I can take PayPal, check or money order. You can email me at tochangehermind@gmail.com

Pics upon request.