March 13th, 2014

Numero Uno Mansculpture Binder

I have a size small Number Uno Mansculpture binder that's basically never been worn, only tried on a couple of times. Size is for 32-35 inch chest. Cost is $35 and that includes shipping (new they're $45).

If you're intested, email me at

Les Love Boat Air M Long

I'm selling a brand new Love Boat Air M LONG binder, black. It is a medium. I was supposedly on the cusp of a small and a medium but it just feels too tight for me. Tried on 3 times.
Don't want to bother with exchanging through the company. Asking $70, including shipping.

looking for packer or stp

im in need of a packer or stp because my dysphoria is getting really bad that sometimes I just don't want to live anymore. I been looking for one for quite a while but I cant find one I cant pay but I would really appreciate it if someone with a big heart would help me out.