November 6th, 2013



Hey guys

I just thought I would throw this out there. I am a SHORT dude (5ft) this is an important fact, because I have a ton of clothes that do not fit anymore. I have to have all my jeans hemmed up.
They are not fancy expensive blue jeans, in fact they are about as cheap as I can find them seeing as it costs me 25.00 per pair to get hemmed at alterations.
I have lost a ton of weight some of these jeans I didn't wear more than a dz times before they no longer fit me.

they are sizes 36 and 38 and I don't know the measurements, exactly off hand, but if you are about 5ft. you should be good to go. (I also have shorts too)

Also I have a nice suit that no longer fits either. again, I paid good money to have it altered but if you are a stocky guy about 5ft - i think the suit pants might be 40's  or 42 (they run SMALL)

if there is any interest please let me know and I can get measurements if you'd like, and we can talk prices.