August 30th, 2013

Selling brand new Gecko packer (Caucasian, firm, 3.75 inches)

Link to item:
I bought the Gecko packer a few days ago... they aren't making any more right now so I bought one of the only ones they had left; the packers come in "soft" and "firm" and they were out of "soft"s, so I bought a firm... and it's too firm for me personally. It is NOT a dildo -- wouldn't work for penetration or anything -- and it is okay for packing, but I personally get very self-conscious about my bulge size and therefore do not feel comfortable wearing it. As long as you have tight briefs you should be fine. Including shipping, this cost me $35 ; I was going to just give this away on Tumblr, but I really really want to get a new packer so I'd really appreciate if I could get as much money back as possible. I will only ship to the US, and I'll probably just take the best offer I get. Thanks!
  • rasekan

Reelmagik Basic Packer wanted - And/ OR an STP!!

Hi, I'm interested in buying the Basic Packer from Reelmagik. I'd buy it off the site, (same goes for the STP) but I figured I should check around the interwebs first!

In addition, I'm looking for an STP or two.

I'm looking for all of these to be in a light skin color (vanilla, etc)

Please let me know if you have any of the aforementioned!