July 1st, 2012

The Levamentum Project

A while ago i posted about a store which helps trans youth* well this store has ddeveloped into an entire program called The Levamentum Project. We have a store where handmade goods are sold to support HRT and surgeries. There is a binder and packer exchange program. There is also a penpal program. The site has undergone major construction since the last time i posted here. Please check it out at thelevamentumproject.miiduu.com. Also follow us on tumblr thelevamentumproject.tumblr.com

We also have a newsletter. This newsletter updates people about the project and those who sign up for it will recieve special coupons and discounts at the store.

We also are affiliated with companies such as early2bed, edenfantasys and lolajake.
if you are interested in any of these companies please look at our aaffiliate page first. Going through us for their products gives us a cut of the purchase which we will use to buy binders and packers.

Thank you for your help and support