May 2nd, 2012

for sale

Hey, guys.

I'm trying to make some money for my and my partner's transitioning costs (herbal T and estrogenic herbs) AND living expenses, as she and her son are at risk of being on the street, so I'm just putting some stuff up for sale (in addition to working my ass off and hosting donation events/bake sales).

I guess the item that is remotely FTM-related is the collar my friend got me off collar factory. It's a leather collar with lambskin inner lining and red stitching. The buckle locks, and there is a D-ring for the bell or, I don't know, tags if you want. :P Photos: [x] [x] [x]

Other items I have are older automatic and manual cameras. I really don't know much about cameras, to be honest, but a photographer friend of mine at least went over each one and told me how much each is worth (the automatic isn't worth much, haha). Photos: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]

Anyway, I'm mostly taking offers and giving it to the highest offer.

GIFTS for you... your girlfriend.. your boyfriend.. your best friend... your mom.. and so forth


Hey there everyone... im the GSA president at my school and i am selling a bunch of stuff we made for our schools clubfair.There was a lot left over and i need the money to go towards simple necessities of my transition (as you all know it is very expensive) there are handmade bracelets and neclaces for sale. the neclaces are all kinda cheesy and say stuff like 

there are also some that are hearts, peace symbols and a variety of halloween shapes.

I also have bead bracelets for sale that come in a variety of colors. 
Custom orders are accepted!!! (FOR EVERYTHING)
any color, word, design, they type of string,  and so forth will be done

I make ducttape wallets. These take time and effort and will cost a bit more than the bracelets or neclaces but they are durable and will last long. The first one i made lasted almost a year. I still have it.. only reason i dont use it any more is because my girlfriend bought me a wallet for christmas that i am obligated to use haha. wallets come with the following base options
-2 colors. (one for base and one for lining and edges)
-4 pockets (two on each side)

Bracelets-$1   (i know its not the cheapest but i gotta make some profit haha)
        -ADD $0.50 for strechy string
      -ADD $0.50 for different string
      -ADD $1 for chain
Duct Tape Wallets- $15 (Base price)
            -ADD $0.75 for every extra pocket added
            -ADD $1 for ID pocket (note if ID pocket is added then only one pocket on the left side will be available. If desired for more MUST SPECIFY)
            -ADD $0.50 for extra colors
            -$1.50 for designs (charge for shape only, if you want different colors than those already used, extra color charged will be applied as deemed necisary)
            -Trifold ADD $2

Shipping is free inside of US. 
-International shipping will be $5
-Delivery estimation is varied based on location
-Product will be shipped either as soon as payment is recieved or as soon as product as ready. (If waiting on payment then shipment is variable. If waiting for product completion should only take about one day to ship out... 2 at most if i need to go get supplies)
Bank Transfer
Please message me your customized order. I will get back to you as soon as possible.