November 29th, 2011

Wanting used & decently priced binders etc.

Hey guys, 

I'm looking for decently priced, barely used or used items... Still willing to pay for them, and shipping... 

Mainly binders, size medium or large... i'm in between the two and can fit either.
I've only ever used the Underworks style 997 but would be willing to try others. 

also, other items like packers and the trunks/jock type things... i'm interested in. 

I typically wear a size medium-large in clothes also, so keep that in mind. probably closer to a large size, but losing some weight and should be down to a medium again soon.

Email me at dylan_superman @ yahoo . com
If you can, include pictures. if not, thats okay too. please include prices, and shipping prices to Texas if possible.