July 22nd, 2011

Shin etching

Want to buy-

My SO and I are looking to buy a few things before we move;


Binders- Zipper, velcro- it doesn't matter what kind. Preferably in a size Small. I'm also willing to consider sports bras as long as they are tight fitting and in a XS-SM size. We're looking to buy several binders, as we both will be wearing them.

Packer- Light skinned color, smaller size. Don't want too big of a bulge.

Clothes- Any kind of men's clothing. I just lost a lot of weight and nothing fits anymore. Pants; 33-35in waist. Shirts; Small.

Just show me what you have- we're looking to get quite a bit of stuff.

I'd prefer people shipping within the US because it's cheaper but I'm open to consider anything.
I can only pay with Paypal and maybe a Postal money order.