June 13th, 2011

Anyone willing to lend a hand?

Hi everyone, I made a LJ account just so I could ask you all about this.
OK well, I have a FTM BF who is the sweetest guy ever! Pre-everything too. We live in a small area and I am certain he is the ONLY FTM in our town. Well, the other day he came around to my house and he showed me he had been beaten up from people around here just because he was FTM. I got even more upset when I found out that this wasn't his first beating!
I'm still fairly new to all this gender stuff but I really want to show him that I love and care for him heaps and support him as a FTM. So is anyone willing to donate ANY gear to me so I can give it to him? His folks are unsupportive and aren't really willing to let him(or his brother) go buy clothes and stuff. I took a peak at his clothes and almost all of them are size 14-16 or xS. I found his only bra too which was a B cup, would that mean a xS binder would fit him?
If anyone is willing to send me any clothes that they no longer need or a binder or any other FTM gear that you can think of, I will be forever greatful!

Even though we have only been together a few months, I love my Adrian very much. I would do anything to make him feel excepted.

Please PM me if you have anything! I'm a little strapped for cash since I don't have a job and am still at school, but we can always haggle :)