May 28th, 2011


Vixskin bandit

Hey peoples.

So in the exploring of vixskin models, my girl picked a model a little too big for her. We can't use it so I am going to sell it.

It's a vixskin bandit. It was used once, with a condom, for about a minute before it was too painful for her. It has been cleaned since then and I will clean right before shipping again for safe measures.

I am asking for 60 for it all together, shipping and handling included. Message me please

Medium Binders to Give Away

Just had surgery so I have 2 or 3 black binders (that would fit a 40 inch or a 36 to 38 d plus chest well) to give away. They are a few years old but washed a lot and hand dried. I was a 38 b or c. I also have one medium (tighter)tri top and a medium white one that I bought about three years ago. So four or five altogether. Although they are free, I do ask for $5-7 for shipping depending on how many you get, but we can discuss that later. I would prefer to give one away to multiple people, but if I only hear from one person, the lot is yours.

Edit: All binders are spoken for.

Binder :D

Hey there, the names Lou :)

I am brand new to this site and would like to say hi first of all. HI :D

Okay, I am in the situation where I would love a binder. Truth be told, I do not have a card to buy one online. I would be able to send money though...I know it is dodgy but I like taking risks in life.

If anyone does have a spare binder ( I am presuming I need a large with a 36D bra size...? Any advice on the size I need would be awesome) I would be very grateful. I live in the UK so I would prefer sending money to someone in the UK but I honestly wouldn't mind hearing from anyone. But yeah...any help/advice or just a friend to say hi would be dandy

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