May 4th, 2011

Underworks Tri-top small for xs tri top trade.

 I just bought my tri-top, first binder, about a month ago. I've decided that I would prefer a tighter binder. The small is almost baggy around my ribs and works about as well as a sports bra on me.

So, since I cannot send it back to Underworks after 15 days, I'd rather just trade it with someone who needs a size bigger. 

It's brand new. I've worn it maybe, 7 times since I bought it a month ago.  So I'd prefer a rarely worn/unstretched x-small.

I can only ship to the US =/ Sorry. 

Just email me at for more info.

I really do not want to take money for it. I would not feel right charging over 30 for it and I don't have the cash to make up the difference so, please, trade only.

Also, I'm really only looking for a tri top. I would not feel confident trading for any other style. Thank you