April 29th, 2011


Packers for sale

I am reposting these items because I didn't hear from anyone the first time around. These packers are in great condition, no wear marks or discoloration. I can send you pictures if you want.

I purchased these to try out some of the new silicone packer options, and found these are not my style. They were only worn in a harness for a few days each. They have not had direct contact with my body since the harness I use has a pouch to protect the packer, but I have sterilized them.

Mr. Right, vanilla, 4.5 in. I got it at a sex shop so I paid more than the $50 it is advertised as on Babeland, but I'll take $35 (including shipping). This would be a great packer for performances or play, but I found it a little much for everyday wear. I even have the fancy box it came with, if you want it.

Pack Man, carmel, 3 in. This packer cost me $60 (it is sold for $40 but since the shop is in cananda there is $20 shipping). If I could get $40 (including shipping), I would be happy. It is the only 3 in silicone pack that I could find in the lower price range and has nice detail.

Email me at refalo44 at gmail. I prefer paypal, but will accept money orders.