April 24th, 2011

Large Underworks binder and Medium Frog Bra for sale *Price reduced*

I have a large, white 997 Underworks binder for sale. Its been used, so I'm only asking for $15 plus shipping.

I also have a Frog Bra that has been lightly used. Its a size medium (meant to fit 34D-36BC), blue and can be used to bind. They usually sell for $33, but I'm selling mine for only $15 plus shipping.

Reply to post if you're interested. I accept money orders and Payment via PayPal.

Medium Tri-top Underworks binder for sale

I have a Tri-top Underworks binder, in black, size medium, that I no longer wear. Its been lightly used, but still looks and binds like brand new. I'm asking for $25 plus shipping. I accept money orders and payment via PayPal. Leave me a comment if you're interested.

I'm willing to ship out of country, but shipping will be more.