July 28th, 2009


yard sale in central new jersey

Hey all!

I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm having a big yard sale this saturday and sunday in south bound brook, NJ. i'm selling a ton of men's clothing. i have lots of dressier things (think business casual) as well. i thought this might be a good opportunity for anyone trying to bulk up their men's wear at a really cheap price. everything is going to be less than $5 (probably less than $3).

the clothing is mostly small and medium shirts. pants range in size from 32 to 34 waist.

if you're interested, send me a message and i'll give you the address. it'll be from 8-4 both days.

i also have a couple of binders for sale. if you come to the yard sale and mention that you know me from livejournal, i can let you see them. the binders are size small.