July 18th, 2009


mmmmmmm porn!

I have a buck angel porn for sale.

40.00  $35.00 that includes shipping (cheapest shipping) if u want priority shipping include 5.00 extra bucks.

Bucks Beaver.

U paypal me today, I can have it in the mail monday :D Will take well concealed cash. Sorry no checks or money orders.


send me a mesg.

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Brand New Binder

I have a brand new black medium tritop from underworks that I only wore once over my double front that I'm looking to sell for the price I bought it for ($36.74 or round it up ;D) This includes shipping&handling. I have paypal otherwise I will take a check or whatever but I need to receive the money first before I ship out the binder. Let me know if you're interested.

The sooner the better, I need to buy a larger size because I start a new job tomorrow and I need to pass at least to the customers or I'll flip. ;D

If any of this doesn't make sense, I'm terribly sorry. I'm exhausted and just got back from the Northeastern FTM campout. epic.

[EDIT:] This Binder is still unclaimed and I would like to sell it ASAP. I'm willing to go down in price if that's what it will take.

The Binder has been given away - thanks! 
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