July 6th, 2009

Lolajake for sale

Not sure if anyone will be interested in this or not. I have a Lolajake Keith Model. Its never been used for sexual intercourse, just packing. It is the second lightest skin tone (of the 4 they offer). Its doing the typical lolajake "peeling" thing but i have used the epoxy (as they directed) to stop it.   Its about 3 months old.  The price for the Keith brand new is 475.00 plus shipping. ...ill throw in the tape and epoxy kit for free (they sell it for 60-some odd dollars)

I can email pictures if you are interested, just leave your email address.

I'm asking $150.00 with free shipping for Keith.   Also, lolajake takes 30% off of your next order if you send back one of their items, so if you ever "upgrade" you can send this one back as well.

I just received my "like real" prosthetic, so time to let Keith go.