January 23rd, 2009



I was pretty sure I was right, but I wanted to double check. And yes I was right.

This site is to sell FTM related stuff. Not Rings and Ipods.

More like shoes and clothes and binders.

This- I copy and pasted from the info page - This community is solely for selling secondhand, lightly used, or new FTM accessories. (Anything you want to sell that's at least somewhat FTM-related.)

Engagements rings and ipods, dj equipment and other things I see on here are pretty often just aren't related to anything FTM. 

I am not a mod of this community, but I have noticed an increase of non trans related stuff being posted here, I thought perhaps since there was no mod voicing concern, I would be the mouthpiece and say something about it.

you might want to try ebay or craigslist to sell those other things.


Hey guys, I know this is a far reach but I've got a diamond ring I purchased for an ex and I'm looking to sell it. It's a 1/2 ct. round cut single stone set in a white gold band Collapse )
It was priced at $999 before tax and warranty and all that good shit so I would love to get like $500 for it but I'll take offers. I'm getting laid off and attempting to save for surgery so I could really use the money right now. If anyone's interested or knows anyone that might be, I'd really appreciate it!