August 6th, 2008


Buck Angel


Ive got your Buck Angel  right here.

 Yours -- $35.00 that includes shipping
(I paid 40.00)

I watched it once.

Now it's time to pass it on.

paypal, or very well concealed cash,  but mailing cash is at your risk and I am not responsible if it never arrives to my mailbox. You will be out of money, and out of a dvd. SO I suggest paypal.

US only please. (reg 1 dvd)

Collapse )

Also because it might of interest to someone. 

I have a black leather jacket up for dirt cheap on eBay. It would fit as a 2xl or 3 xl, guess depending on where you carry the weight. Im all gut so it doesnt fit me anymore. It's technically size 52. and perfect for a DYI punk/metal jacket. 

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