June 23rd, 2008


sale time!

hey all! i'm cleaning out my closets a bit because i've gained a bit of weight and i have a lot of stuff to get rid of. this is the first batch. everything is in really great condition. the price i listed includes shipping. i accept paypal, money orders, and cash. like a lot of other guys i'm using most of the money to help fund my surgery. so any help is appreciated.

in addition to the clothes pictured here i have a whole box of plain t-shirts (some with pockets, some without) in white, grey, and black that i am also selling for $2 a shirt. all of those t-shirts are mediums. if you are interested, let me know and i'll tell you the brands.

leave a comment here with what you want and your email address and i'll contact you.

photos of the good are after the cut. i'll probably be posting more photos of clothes soon, including some dress clothes, so be looking for that if you're interested.

EDIT: the element shirt is SOLD

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