April 27th, 2008

A-Frame shirts + muscle t's

This might be a weird item to offer - I've sent them to friends in the past - but if anyone needs some A-Frame shirts I have:

2 Hanes - size Large - white
2 Fruit of the Loom - size Large - white
1 Merona - size XL - white

Edit: Mediums are taken, thanks!

They've been worn a few times each, but aren't stained or ripped or anything - they don't fit me and I'd hate to throw them away.

Also have a Merona brand muscle t shirt black size XL, and a gray medium same brand. Very soft material, stretchy, you can tuck them in and they won't come un-tucked, they don't shrink. Great for underneath binders to prevent chaffing.

Free if you are willing to pay shipping!