April 11th, 2008


Two used underworks binders

 I have two used Underworks double compression shirts. 

They are XXL

I got them in the Summer of 05 and had my top surgery that Oct so they were only worn for a few months. And they have been sitting around ever since. It's time to do some spring cleaning.

They are not as white as they used to be, but they will surely do the job at a much cheaper price.

they are  size -
2X  49-52 Price: $36.99 each originally

But ill ship them both out for 50.00 including shipping (IF IN THE US) - outside of US you will have to pay actual shipping costs

Paypal only unless you can find a creative safe way to send cash (USD).

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I have some junk for sale.....
I don't have pics as this EXACT moment but the goods are such:
1 brand new old navy gray and white button down shirt size L (short sleeved)
1 Gap shirt. Green and says MOTOR CITY (with dice) on it. Size L
1 light green silky material polo shirt
1 size L abercrombie shirt. Blue and has vintage writing across front that reads ABERCROMBIE
1 gray ringer old navy shirt with pizza shop logo on front and says JOEY PEPPERONI's(size L)
I'll take 12.00 for all of this, but you will need to pay shipping costs. I could cram these into a flat rate USPS priority boxes which would make shipping 8.50 (with delivery confirmation)
I take paypal, or check or cash or money order
The packer was claimed.
I have a DVD of Soliders Girl. 3.00 for this with 2.50 shipping