January 1st, 2008


Some clothes for sale.

Hayyy. I'm just putting some clothes up for sale. Most of them are just too big for me now (I'm a 32/30 in jeans now and a small in shirts) - but all of the shirts are in great condition. The jeans are ripped up on the bottom from wear and stuff, so I'm not gonna ask much for them. They're repairable though if you hem them or something.

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I know I said the jeans are negotiable. I don't really want to go any lower on any of the other stuff, but it's worth a shot. I really need the money as well as getting this stuff out of my drawers, but feel free to ask. I won't get mad. :3.

First come first serve. Please comment here first stating what you want and then email me with your contact info?

Check or money order works best for me. Or you can conceal cash in the mail. It's up to you. I don't have paypal yet. =/