December 13th, 2007

Holy Queercakes!

Top Surgery Fundraiser

Mods- please let me know if this isn't allowed. I'll take it down.

I know that outright asking for money is totally uncool, but that's not what this is. When I began official transition 'lo those many years ago, I knew that top surgery was years and years away because I had to pay back so much borrowed money to my friends from my years as an emancipated minor before I could even consider saving. Anyway, I recently found out that I *need*to have top surgery soon if I want to go on a teaching project trip to Ghana that I've been FREAKING STOKED about for quite some time now. The reason? Since it's a "cultural exchange", we basically have to do what they do, and men are expected to be shirtless at certain times, and I don't thing me using "well, I'm a transdude" as my excuse would go over so well. I've been on T for a little over seven months and pass perfectly- silly goatee and everything, but I have a couple o' D-cups under a few Double Front Compression Shirts that really don't need to be revealed to the general public. I was so totally bummed when I learned this that I almost called and gave away my spot on the trip.

But then I had a brilliant idea! Why not sell some of my tie-dye as a fund raiser?! I've been tie-dying for a long damn time and can do some pretty neat patterns, but I've never tried to make money off of it (although I've been told that I should). I'm going to be doing a batch next weekend, and am hereby taking orders.

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