November 4th, 2007


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Hey Everyone,
I'm selling a bunch of binders to try and get the last bit of money I need for top surgery.

I have 3 large white double fronts (style 997) for 20 dollars each and 2 large white tri-tops (style 983) for 20 dollars each. All are in good condition.

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Reply or email me at

Doctor, is that you?!

underworks 980

hey guys. i've got a underworks 980 (double layer compression vest style) binder, size large, that i'm trying to sell. it's never been worn, only out of the package once. too small for me, would be great for someone who was like a men's large (i'm more of an xl kinda guy). originally paid 36.99 for it, will ship it and everything to you for $30. i can only take a check through the mail though (been screwed over from paypal 1 too many times), unless you can figure out some other secure way to send the $$.
any takers? you can reply here or email me at jayirwin82 (at) gmail (dot) com.
later guys!