May 29th, 2007


porn on eBay! OF COURSE!

if anyone cares (and is paypal verified- with credit card) I just posted some porn on eBay
two brand new unopened 5 hours gay male porn dvds
and my buck angel dvd - Buck's Beaver -used-

you have to search in mature audience to find it, searching for the buck angel one might be the easy route then once you find that you can search my other items and find the other porn if interested.

the porn dvd's are usps postal money order ONLY auctions (due to eBay regulations) and all my other NON adult items such as burts bees and brand new old navy t-shirts (reduced) are PAYPAL only.

if it were up to me they would all be paypal only, but I do not make the rules.

I can't put a direct link to the Buck Angel listing because like I said you have to be verified by eBay in order to look at the Mature Audience listings.