March 30th, 2007

artbecomes him

lots of stuff for sale


I wanted to post that I am getting rid of all my trans literature/DVDS that I have collected over the years. I have listed on ebay for cheap prices :


Confessions of a Gender Defender by Randi Ettner
Becoming Visible by Fred Wasserman, Molly McGarry
She's Not There by Jennifer Finney Boylan
Sexing the Body by Anne Fausto-Sterling
Dear Sir or Madam by Mark Nicholas Alban Rees
The Last Time I Wore a Dress by Daphne Scholinski
Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg
The Gender Frontier by Grady T. Turner
Transgender Emergence by Arlene Istar Lev
Sex Changes by Patrick Califia-Rice, Patrick Califia
Transgender Warriors by Leslie Feinberg (1997)
Women Who Become Men by Antonia Young (1999)

Please visit my ebay store/auctions

Trans Generation DVD Set First Season Sundance Channel
Middle Sexes : Redefining He and She DVD
Gendernauts (2006, DVD)
Changing Sexes Female to Male Discovery Channel DVD

also, I happen to have one of Mel's Packers, before he started ripping everyone off and taking people's money. Anyways, I paid 175. It's neautral color, fair skin person need to apply for this dick. It was never worn either, I ended up getting phalloplasty and never needed it. Im asking 50 on that, no shipping to you.

anyone on here that wins from LJ, ill pay shipping! So, free shipping to you
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