November 12th, 2006

Fandom: Piled Higher and Deeper - Mike

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I've had two people say they were interested and then refuse to pay so I'm putting these up again. This will be my last attempt to sell here and then they are going in my selling journal. I was hoping to give my fellow ftms a break by charging $4 each + whatever the basic shipping is. Generally shipping would be a dollar a shirt or so if you are in the US and you want me to send the cheapest way. Many shirts are NWOT.

If you buy all 12 and can pay me within a week, I'll give you free domestic shipping. I need these gone and I have to use the money to pay for graduate school application fees.

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Also, I have ebay auctions with lots of 30 waist pants that I can't wear due to weight loss. If you win an auction and tell me you are from this community I will give you a price break on ebay's calculated shipping charges. I also will combine shipping from anyone who wins actions.

Also if anyone wants something from the men's section of melsbusiness, half off the listed price plus I haggle.