October 12th, 2006

binder for sale

Hi Everyone,

I have a "medium" double front shirt in white from underworks for sale. All I did was try it on. It's never been worn longer than that. It must be mislabeled because I've always worn a medium, but this one was big on me. I also ordered three, and the other two fit, so this one is just off a size. So I would say someone who wears a large would fit in this no problem. I'd like to get $30 for it, with shipping included in that price. I will accept paypal, cash, or a money order.


Oh I might be up for a trade too depending on what you have to trade

Note: The binder is first come, first serve. The first person to email me wanting the binder will have 24 hours to confirm and set up a payment. If no response after 24 hours I will open the binder to others. Thanks.

email me at xxfaggybutchboixy at yahoo dot com to reserve the binder