August 3rd, 2006

astro means business

Harness for sale

Hi guys, someone bought me an Aslan Leather Commando Harness as a gift, but I already have a perfectly good one and have no use for it. The tags were taken off it but it is BRAND NEW and NEVER worn (not even tried on)- perfect condition, not even any creases in the leather. Looks like a perfectly good harness, I just don't need it.
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Details about it here (NSFW!)The link says it comes with 3 cock rings, but mine only came with 2 (a medium one and a large one) but they are cheap to buy anyway.

It apparently retails for $55, but I'm selling it for $40(CAD) or best offer. If you do paypal, that would be best, but otherwise we can do that whole cash in the mail thing.

NO ONE UNDER 18 Please.