June 20th, 2006


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hello guys,
i am in desperate need of a binder. m would be the size.
i live in italy and i'm 17 so i can't get a credit card to buy from the underworks website.
if anyone is willing to sell me an underworks binder (any kind would be cool, i think), and knows a way i can pay without having a credit card, it would be awesome.
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looking for some help

My names mike.. im starting the transition process and have no insurance or job. i live with friends and literally pay rent by cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry for now. but.. i need help. I cant afford a binder and desperately want one. I use a sports bra for a "large" woman... it'd fit maybe a 36 C properly. im a 40DD/DDD/E it depents on the fit of the bra-type item.. i can fit a DD bra, E sports bra somewhat comfortably, and im about 155-170lbs. If anyone could help i'd be forever indebted. if youd like to try and trade for something i can see what ive got to offer.
also.. off topic kinda but if you know of anywhere that might hire an FTM and allow them to use male names in the cincinnati area... youd be a hero.
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rash guard

i'm looking for a rash guard as i'm hopefully gunna start going swimming soon. i'm about 5ft 4, with a chest measurement of about 30ish, give or take an inch. i guess i'd probably fit in to boys large/adult small. if anyone has one spare i'd be willing to pay shipping on it and if you're not willing to give it away we could probably negotiate a price providing it was cheaper than buying one new (which it's bound to be since the only place i've ever seen selling them over here has been quiksilver, which is definitely not cheap).

if anyone can offer me anything or even if you know a really cheap place to buy them online, comment here or email me; slapmeonthepatio at gmail dot com.