May 30th, 2006


size small compression vest- $40

i am selling this compression vest:

it's a size small. i am 5'4'' 135 lbs 32B and it fits me perfectly. it has hook and eye closure, long length to tuck into pants, adjustable shoulders so it doesn't dig into the armpits, and very smooth comfortable material, not rough like underworks material. it binds very well, but i personally dont really like full length binders.
i've only worn it once for about 2 hours and washed it once.
i payed $60 for it but i'll sell it for $40, check or concealed cash. as soon as i get the money, i'll ship it. comment with your email address and i'll send you my mailing address.

(no subject)

hey looking for a good sports bra and something that breathes. it's 90 degrees here and my skin is gross beneath my binder. i have a frog bra and hate it. just use it to swim in.

looking for XL sports bra (size 42-44?) cotton...some compression would be nice. i hear champion makes some good ones. so if anyone has any lying around for whatever reason, let me know. thanks so much.