May 14th, 2006

(no subject)

hey looking for the following movies (vhs, dvd, burned dvd) doesn't matter so long as it works.
Just one of the guys (yeah shoot me but i love that movie, especially her younger bro in the movie), venus boyz, beautiful boxer, any ftm documentries especially a boy named sue and just call me kade (i have some ftm documentries), drag kings on tour, F2M, hedwig (would like dvd), the aggressives, call me malcolm, enough man

non trans movies: red sonya (80's), conan the destroyer, in the mood (80's movie with patrick dempsey playing a kid who marries older women)

rainbow pride towels

WTB Rene's Story DVD or VHS

I am looking to buy "Rene's Story" on DVD or VHS. I sent payment to somebody who supposedly sent it out like two months ago, and I never got it. This person now will not respond to the emails I've sent him consistently. I'm not calling this person a liar, because I don't know him, but because of that, I'm pretty sure I paid for nothing. Does anybody else have a copy they're willing to sell to me? or comment here.