May 10th, 2006

(no subject)

book is still available. FTM: female to male trans in society by holly devor. 35 bucks on amazon. need some things from t-male or early to bed. i can send book 1st to someone on the "honor code" that they will buy things and send as a gift to me. drop a line for more details. only willing to work with guys active in ftm forum. more of a trust things. items would be worth 35 bucks. but can work with price.

Please use subjects.

Just ducking in to suggest that when making a post, please use subjects to describe what your post is selling or what you're posting to buy. Then for quick navigation, people who see the product they want can just click to that post instead of having to scroll the pages. Also, if you're selling an item, please specify what part of the world you're in, and where you're willing to ship to. Thanks guys. :)