lorenavery (lorenavery) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

Two Large Binders for Sale


I have two underworks binders, size large. One is the 997 (http://www.underworks.com/men/compression-shirts/ultimate-chest-binder-tank)
and the other is the 996 (http://www.underworks.com/men/compression-shirts/microfiber-concealer-v-tank)

Both are in white. I've only worn them for a month or so. The 996, I've only worn 4-5 times. They're in excellent condition and not worn out at all.

I'm hoping to get $20 for each, plus shipping (I'll ship the cheapest method - promise.) I'm selling because I have GERD, and I can't wear them comfortably anymore. I'd like to go cheaper, but I need money towards a new binder. I'd be willing to trade if you have a tri-top or velcro/eyelet binder is in similar condition.

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