Marissa (a_common_repose) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

A Few Things For Sale

Hey guys, you may know me as NocturneVulgaire on Tumblr or Nowhereboi on Susan's. I'm looking to sell a few things that I've had lying around for a while.

First, a brand new, never used Sinthetics 6" Single Density Packer in Toffee (the color match is off for me and there are some seam lines)

$150 + shipping (I paid $175) Sold for $100

A brand-new, never used Squirt the Realistic hard packer in vanilla (I bought it to check out the "realistic testicles," but it was far too light in the end)
$25 + shipping (I paid $40)

A Mr. Right Packer in Caramel (a few years old but worn only a handful of times; it was too firm for me)
$ 35 + shipping (I paid $50)

There is a little leeway in this pricing, but I am looking to make at least enough to go toward an Emisil prothetic. I can take PayPal, check or money order. You can email me at

Pics upon request.


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