Jake (boundlessdesire) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

testing the waters

Alright  I was going thru my closet and have decided to get rid of alot of my shirts... 

Mostly XXL, mostly button up, short and long sleeve...  maybe some t-shirts. I havent decided exactly yet how to get rid of them (sell them as a giant lot) or sell them a few shirts at a time or singley or whatnot.  (there are about 10 or so) 

 But I just wanted to test the waters here first to see if there was even any bigger guys in need of some button ups, If not Ill ebay them where there is a bigger audience, but I want my peeps to have first dibs...

Im thinking the price is going to avg out to being about 3 dollars a shirt (or less) so is there enough demand here to bother trying to sell them here?


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