Mel Marsh (melsmarsh) wrote in ftmgaragesale,
Mel Marsh

1) Since I have yet to get the money from the person who was supposed to be purchasing most of these shirts from me a month ago, I want to make them available again. Everything is in either an extra small or small except for one which is a medium.

a) Two short sleeve Gap t-shirts (one white, one black) - NWOT
b) One red "basketball" long sleeve shirt -NWOT?
c) One blue sporty long sleeve - NWOT
d) Two short sleeve Gap vintage t-shirts- NWOT (but who can tell?)
e) Gap polos (3?) – worn but no signs of wear
f) Aeropostale polos – one is yellow and the other is a white medium. The white medium is the only one that has signs of wear and has something that looks like black tape on it where the tag should be.
g) One long sleeve American Eagle vintage look. NWOT

These will each be $4 + shipping. I can get pictures for you for any of them, but I have to open the box to get them again. I can give you a discount if you take them all.

2) I also want to make available a Tri-top Binder in Medium (fits chest 34-36). Well, I think it is way too big for me. It was tried on for about 10 minutes otherwise brand new.

Retail Price: $29.99 plus $6.75 shipping = $36.74

My price: $25 shipped obo since I still have to replace the silly thing or trade for a small in a similar condition.

3) I have other men/boys clothing for sale at my selling journal melsbusiness. Those prices include shipping. I lost a ton of weight before I was able to wear many of them. Haggle with me, but I am asking for one-third to half of retail for things that are brand new because I absolutely need to buy a smaller wardrobe. Most of these things are men's small and medium. I'm now far into boys sizes.

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