tboyalex (tboyalex) wrote in ftmgaragesale,

LolaJake For Sale

I just bought a Lolajake prosthetic. It is the "Chris" model, which is 5.5 inches, in the vanilla color. This model is a pack n play model so it does have a "flexrod" that comes with it.  I bought it for $650+ shipping.  I dont like the size of it and since i cant return it i am looking to sell it. I would like to sell it for a close to retail value as possible, but i understand that that might not be possible. So if you are interested in this model and are willing to pay a reasonable amount for it, please contact me.

I have only owned this for 2 days now and i just dont like the size of it. It has not been used for sexual reasons and really hasnt been packed with for very long. There is no damage to it. And i can easily send pictures to anyone interested in it. Oh ad this "shiny" ness that alot of people complain about, is not an issue with this model.

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