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  OK!! I reduced the price of the binders if you buy them both together. Price for selling them seperate remains the same.

EDIT: last post for these binders at this price. if U want them u have to pay me before 5 pm monday (23rd) so I can get them to the post office to ship before I head out of state for my surgery.

If no one buys them I will repost when I get back only ill knock off the discount and they will go back up.


I have TWO 2XL binders both are brand new one is still in original bag. 
The other was put on once and quickly removed I did put it in the laundry however just to make sure it was clean. no bag.
997--Double Panel Compression Shirt
2x 49-52

Retail 73.99 plus 8.00 shipping

= $81.99

both for $65.00  60.00 includes shipping.
 Id like to let them go for less but because I have my top surgery coming up (leaving in about 24 hours) I can't allow them to go for much less then retail. But it's still some savings.
 Paypal ONLY- I'll accept a POSTAL money order when I return from surgery but the price goes up.

Id like to sell them both together.

single priced would be

Retail 36.99 plus 6.75 shipping

= $43.74

So individually would be 35.00   each includes shipping.

the better deal would be to buy them together.


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