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EDIT: It's gone, guys. Sorry! They're hella cheap on ebay though, go on, get one :D

Hey guys,
So there's a shop on ebay selling these binders that look like tank tops! (Link) I got one yesterday, and it's pretty good, but just barely too small for me. I hate binding tightly, so I'm going to buy the next size up, and wanted to give y'all first dibs on this Large one. It really does look like an ordinary shirt, though the arm holes are pretty high and tight. If you're usually a medium or a bit smaller-- at last measure my chest was like 33"-- then this oughta fit. It is adjustable, and I could barely catch the largest band option.
If nobody has used this seller before I can write up a little review, maybe. Ill definitely be buying the next size up. They're only about $15, shipping and all! Would definitely recommend. But I know how strapped for money a lot of dudes on here are, so I have a proposal. Trade me something for it, like cookies or a picture you drew, and maybe handle the shipping, and it's yours. Just tell me what you think you can do.


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